Think inside the box

Created by the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation, Accelerators in Health Care (AHC) leverages the power of analogies and constraints to help teams generate innovative solutions for some of the toughest challenges in health care. How might you increase organ donors as Mary Poppins would? What if your solution had to leverage artificial intelligence?

After cycling through stages of co-creation and pitching to one another to determine the winning idea, players leave the game with enhanced skills for ideation and a deeper understanding of innovation methodology.


Accelerators in Health Care Game – Single Box Set


Each single box set includes 30 Challenge Cards, 65 Accelerator Cards, 20 Monkey Wrench Cards, a sand timer, directions, and 17 winner tokens.

Accelerators in Health Care Game – 5-Set Bundle


Purchase five individual sets of the game for the price of four, and save $150.


About The Accelerators in Health Care Game

The game is played with 3 - 8 players. Innovators leverage Accelerator Cards to develop novel solutions for problems presented on Challenge Cards while trying to avoid Monkey Wrenches from opponents. After rapid-fire pitches, the Judge determines a winner for the round. First Innovator to seven points wins the game.

How would you solve postpartum depression if you operated like IKEA? How might you tackle long emergency room wait times if you were Warren Buffet? Accelerator cards challenge players to create and apply entirely new kinds of solutions!


We all know that best-laid plans rarely unfold as intended. Whether it’s dealing with an IS freeze or staff turnover, a shoestring budget or resistance to change – there’s always a monkey wrench to work around! AHC allows Judges to sabotage pitched ideas by dealing out Monkey Wrench Cards. Can you think quickly and adapt your idea? Only one idea can come out on top!

Health care professionals from around the nation have played this game including:

  • Executives looking to increase innovative thinking in their organization

  • Quality improvement staff hoping to broaden solutions for a Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle

  • Health care students seeking to learn more about innovation methodology 

What a great way to free up the mind and get creative juices flowing

A novel approach to experiencing design thinking

It was so interactive and encouraged us to think differently

This is a great teaching tool

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